Change the “look” of your jewel in seconds…

The “Flanders LOVE Collection” presents for the first time “Interchangeable” jewelry.

For women who love changes, the “Flanders LOVE Collection” offers very attractive and exciting possibilities.

The jewels in the “Flanders LOVE Collection” have been designed by state of the art sophisticated computer programs.

Production of these beautiful jewels is also performed and followed up by computers.

This precision is required to allow the different parts to slide smoothly one into another.

A genuine world Premiere…

Follow your creativity…

An “Interchangeable” pendant that can be changed by sliding the centerpiece in and out in seconds.
A unique locking mechanism insures the pendant is secure while carried.
Discover the “Flanders LOVE Collection”.

In order to complete this precision, all these jewels are set by microscope with the world famous “Flanders Cut” diamonds.